Writing 1 & 2

Open to all who have a love of the written word, providing an opportunity to explore a range of styles, write within a supportive group, sharing ideas and ultimately having fun.
  At every meeting, each group decides on a topic for ‘homework’. There is no pressure to do the homework. Also, anyone can write about any subject. It does not have to be around the chosen topic. There is a word limit of around 500 words for each piece, so that everyone has the opportunity to read out their work at each session. Bring pen / pencil / paper / notebook / examples/something to lean on / an open mind. Biscuit rotation!

Group 1 : Second Tuesday of every month, 10.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.
Group 2 : Fourth Tuesday of every month, 10.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.
Group 1 currently meets via Zoom. This will change when the weather improves and the groups can meet in the convener’s garden, Bounds Green N22
Group 2 meets at the convener’s home, Bounds Green N22
  The number of places available per group meeting is 8

  Group Convener : Nicci Iacovou

  Status at May 2022
  Group 1 : 1 place available
  Group 2 : 2 places available

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    Thank you to everyone who bought a copy of Reflections and Echoes – an anthology of short stories from Writing Groups 1 & 2. We launched our book at the local Waterstones in late 2019. We formed over two years ago and most of us had never written for publication before, so it’s exciting to see our work in print! We printed 200 copies of the book and sold every one, raising over £1000 for CARIS Haringey, a local charity for homeless families.

    U3A writers at the book launch in Crouch End Waterstones, October 2019. Photographer Graham Bennett.


    Updated May 2022