Book Group 1

Group Conveners : Andrew Sich and Sarah Tingay
At each meeting we discuss a book that has been suggested by a member of the group. We choose, in turn, from a wide range of literature in English, including translations. Our books, on the whole, are likely to be recent, and possibly on prize lists, but there is no reason not to delve into the past for classics and old favourites. They will usually be fiction, but not necessarily. Since the group was formed we have read over 80 books and 2 out of 3 were published since 2001. In the recent past we have read Small Things Like These by Claire Keegan; Swimming Home by Deborah Levy; The Colour of Memory by Geoff Dyer; No Country for Young Men by Julia O’Faolain; and Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver

❑ The maximum number of eleven participants per meeting is eleven
When and where
Second Monday of the month
🕒3 p.m.
Group members’ homes
Accessibility varies with location
Remote attendance via Zoom is possible
🟥The group is currently full
🟥The waiting list is full

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    Updated October 2023