Birdwatching 1

Group Conveners
Richard Gillian and Fran McKenzie

We are a group with a range of birdwatching experience and skill – from Is that a Sparrow? to spotting a Meadow Pipit at fifty yards! Bird observation is at the heart of our expeditions, so we take time to quietly, watch and listen. Our ambition is to enjoy being outside in (almost) all weather, binoculars at the ready, learning collaboratively about the brilliant and varied birdlife that is all around us. Using mostly public transport, we travel to various sites in the local area, e.g. Walthamstow Wetlands, and further afield, e.g. Kent and Hertfordshire. Consequently, the time spent, can vary from three hours to a whole day

We meet on first Friday of every month
Accessibility varies with location
The maximum of participants per meeting is sixteen, dividing into smaller groups where necessary

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    Updated October 2023