Art – Beginners (inactive)

This group is for anyone who has basic or little if any experience, and would like to learn how to draw and develop their art skills, knowledge and understanding.
Art, craft and design takes many forms, from drawing and painting to mixed media and collage. For that reason, I propose to take participants through a series of practical exercises to develop confidence and strengthen skills, using a range of media and techniques, in a supportive, gentle and cheerful environment.
  The early sessions will be an introduction to drawing from observation, using a range of media, mainly pencil, chalk pastels, pen. Each session will lead onto the next, developing in complexity across a number of weeks and participants will be guided and supported throughout. I imagine that sketchbooks will be used in the main, and I can loan some drawing tools in the early sessions, but each person will have to bring their own. In later sessions we could go outside to work, and/or visit museums/galleries for inspiration.
  Because each session tends to lead to the next and is designed to help participants to improve upon and develop their skills, knowledge and understanding, it is important for everyone concerned that prospective new members to the group join at the start of a Term, rather than at random points during the year. This will ensure that they can be properly facilitated and supported, along with everyone else and at the same time.

Group Convener: Carla Mindel

This Group is currently inactive.