Kensington and Notting Hill

On Wednesday 9 August 2023, on a rare hot and sunny day, members of the Architecture and Built Environment Group assembled on the edge of Holland Park to begin the latest in our series of architectural walks in the London area – on this occasion, Kensington and Notting Hill. Once again we were indebted to Anthony White for leading the walk, which, for the architecture of the 20th century, he based on a now-sought after publication Modern buildings in London published in 1964 by London Transport (although about to be reprinted), author of which was that most trenchant of architectural critics, Ian Nairn (1930-1983), Featured on the walk are a number of late nineteenth-century houses, built for fashionable artists and painters of the Holland Park Circle many of which are no longer household names. although judging by the sizes of the houses built for them, they enjoyed very lucrative careers.
A selection of the buildings we passed:

▷ Design Museum (former Commonwealth Institute)
▷ Tower House, Melbury Road
▷ 8 Melbury Road
▷ 14 Holland Park Road
▷ Farley Court, Melbury Road
▷ Debenham House, Addison Road
▷ Holland Park School
▷ Tor Gardens, Campden Hill
▷ 15-19 Aubrey Wharf designed by Raymond Erith in 1952
▷ 55 Campden Street
▷ The Mount, Campden Hill Road
▷ West House, Campden Hill Road
▷ 1960s house designed by Tom Kay, Hillgate Street
▷ The Czech and Slovak Embassies