Alexander Technique (currently suspended)

Alexander Technique is a very gentle practice of learning skills to understand your own natural balance, alignment and coordination to reduce physical and mental pain, stress, and tension. We discuss and practise awareness (proprioception or kinesthesia) of how we sit, stand, move, walk, and lift (or any action really) so that we can reduce unnecessary tension and feel less tired. Each session ends with aligned, semi-supine (lying on the floor) which regenerates and recuperates! No equipment is needed, participants should be dressed casually wearing comfortable, loose trousers or leggings.
❑ On offer is a course of four weekly sessions, for a maximum of six participants, beginning every four to six weeks

Deborah Levy (Course Leader)

❑ Deborah has been working as an Alexander Technique teacher for many years, teaching individuals and small groups privately and for several Cancer charities

Every Tuesday for four weeks, every four to six weeks
11.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.
Yoga Junction
93a Weston Park, N8 9PR

🟥 The courses are fully booked
🟥 The waiting list is full

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    Updated October 2022