Acoustic Music and Singing

This group is for people who enjoy making music, having fun, singing folk and popular songs accompanied by guitar and other acoustic instruments such as recorder or even a tambourine. You don’t need to have a great voice but you do need to sing in tune

Group members will be able to suggest their own favourite songs and provided they are not too challenging and can be played on the guitar we will give them a go….anything from Abba through to the Zombies. As the group develops we can try arranging songs, add a few harmonies and other instruments. We can sing as a whole group or if smaller groups/individuals want to sing or play an instrument, the rest of us can sit back and enjoy

We try out a few songs and agree some songs to sing at next or future sessions. Most words and music are to be found online internet

Tony Bridge (Group Convener)
Philomena Turner (Group Administrator)

Every second Thursday
2 – 3.30 p.m.
McCafferty’s Bar
28 Tottenham Lane, N8 7EL
Accessible via a ramp

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    Updated October 2023