Interest Groups

Interest Groups are an integral part of the U3A experience, and below you will find a list of those groups that the Crouch End and District U3A currently offers.
Please note that if you would like to partake in the activities of any the groups, you must join the group first. Please do not turn up at an event unless you are a member of the group. You may also be asked to show your membership card when you join a group activity for the first time.
There is a contact form on the webpage of nearly every group. To join a group please fill in the contact form – this will be directed to the convener of the group. He or she will reply to you in due course and add your name to the group’s email list
► The 1960s
► Architecture
► Art Appreciation 1
► Art Appreciation 2
► Art – Beginners
► Art – Intermediate
► Badminton
► Birdwatching
► Book Group 1
► Book Group 2
► Bookbinding
► Bridge
► Crime Fiction Book Club
► Crochet
► Current Affairs
► De-Cluttering
► Economics
► Exhibitions & Galleries
► Family History
► Felt Making
► Feminism
► Films
► Foreign Films
► French Book Group
► French Conversation
► Futurology
► Gardening
► Gentle Exercise (Feldenkrais)
► Geology
► History
► Italian Conversation 1
► Italian Conversation 2
► Jazz and Improvised Music
► Latin
► Local History : Introductory Course
► Local History : Further Research
► London Loop Walk
► Longer Walks
► Music Appreciation
► Netball / Walking Netball
► Opera
► Outings
► Pétanque
► Philosophy
► Photography
► Play Reading
► Poetry for Pleasure
► Polish Conversation
► Recorder
► Relaxation
► Science & Technology
► Scrabble
► Shorter Walks
► Singing for Fun
► Singing: Part Songs and Harmonising
► Spanish Conversation 1
► Spanish Conversation 2
► Strings
► Table Tennis
► Textiles
► Theatre Visits: Fringe
► Theatre Visits: West End
► Ukulele
► Wine … and More
► Wine Appreciation
► World Literature
► Writing

Where a group meeting is held in someone’s home and the host provides coffee, tea, biscuits etc, it is U3A convention to offer the host a small contribution to the cost. The current U3A policy is 50p.

How to join a Group

To join a Group complete the contact form on the page of the Group in which you are interested.

The Group page provides a description of aims and objectives, location and frequency of meetings or events. The contact form requires your name, email address, and membership number, and a message. Your message will be send to the Group Convener, who will reply with more specific details about the Group and its programme as well as availability of places