Interest groups

  The Crouch End & District u3a is a co-operative venture: its members are encouraged to share their knowledge and experience by participating in and offering to lead or facilitate interest groups
  Every group has a page on this website : the page informs members of the pattern of meetings and the practices and procedures of the group. These may be clarified and confirmed over time through discussion and agreement. There are no hard and fast rules

How often do groups meet?

  Many meet regularly, say monthly, at the same place and time, although some groups are project based and run for only a fixed period

Where do groups meet?

  Many meet in members’ homes, others in a variety of local venues where specialist facilities are required or where space, ease of access limit the use of members’ homes

How do I join a group?

  If you would like to partake in the activities of any group, you must be a fully paid-up member of CEDu3a
  To join a group complete the online application form on the page of the group in which you are interested. The group page provides a description of aims and objectives, location and frequency of meetings or events

  The application form requires your name, email address, and membership number, and a message. Your application will be send to the convener of the group, who will reply to your request with more specific details about the group and its programme, as well as the availability of places
  Some of the groups are very popular and may well be full. If that is the case your name will be added to the group’s waiting list

Attending a group meeting

  You will be required to show proof of membership when you attend a group activity for the first time

  Where a group meeting is held in someone’s home and the host provides refreshment, it is u3a convention to offer the host a small contribution to the cost. The current u3a recommendation is 50p

New groups

  We are always keen to offer new groups. Any member who has a particular interest and feels they would like to share that interest or experience with others might like to consider starting a group. Contact for help and further advice

▷ Further advice for group members
▷ Handbook for conveners

Our Groups


Group NameStatus
▷ The 1960s & 1970sVacancies
▷ Alexander TechniqueWaiting list
▷ AmericanaVacancies
▷ Ancient GreekVacancies
▷ Architecture and Built EnvironmentWaiting list
▷ Art Appreciation 1Full
▷ Art Appreciation 2Waiting list
▷ Art Appreciation 3Waiting list
▷ Art with Mixed MediaVacancies
▷ BackgammonVacancies
▷ Badminton 1Full
▷ Badminton 2Waiting list
▷ Beer AppreciationVacancies
▷ Birdwatching 1Waiting list
▷ Birdwatching 2Waiting list
▷ Birdwatching (local)Waiting list
▷ Book Group 1Full
▷ Book Group 2Full
▷ BridgeVacancies
▷ Capital Ring WalkersFull
▷ Crime Fiction 1Full
▷ Crime Fiction 2Vacancies
▷ CrochetVacancies
▷ Current Affairs 1Waiting list
▷ Current Affairs 2Waiting list
▷ Current Affairs In DepthWaiting list
▷ Daytime ConcertsVacancies
▷ De-ClutteringVacancies
▷ EconomicsVacancies
▷ Exhibitions & GalleriesVacancies
▷ Exploring Poetry WritingVacancies
▷ Felt MakingVacancies
▷ French Book Group 1Full
▷ French Book Group 2Vacancy
▷ French Conversation AdvancedVacancies
▷ French Conversation IntermediateVacancy
▷ Gardens and GardeningVacancies
▷ GeologyVacancies
▷ Healthy LunchesWaiting list
▷ Historical FictionFull
▷ History WorldwideVacancies
▷ Irish InterestFull
▷ Italian Conversation 1Full
▷ Italian Conversation 2Vacancies
▷ Italian Conversation 3Vacancies
▷ Jazz and Improvised MusicVacancies
▷ Knit and ChatWaiting list
▷ LatinFull
▷ Lawn BowlsVacancies
▷ Longer WalksWaiting list
▷ Middle Way WalkersFull
▷ MosaicVacancies
▷ Music AppreciationVacancies
▷ OperaVacancies
▷ OutingsVacancies
▷ PétanqueVacancies
▷ PhilosophyFull
▷ Photographers and PhotographyVacancies
▷ PhotographyVacancies
▷ Play ReadingVacancies
▷ Poetry for Pleasure 1Waiting list
▷ Poetry for Pleasure 2Vacancies
▷ Poetry for Pleasure 3Vacancies
▷ Quilting and PatchworkFull
▷ Reading RaceVacancies
▷ RecorderVacancies
▷ Science & TechnologyVacancies
▷ ScrabbleVacancies
▷ Short WalksFull
▷ Sing and SipVacancies
▷ Singing for FunVacancies
▷ Spanish Conversation 1Vacancy
▷ Spanish Conversation 2Vacancies
▷ Table Tennis 1Full
▷ Table Tennis 2Full
▷ Talking WomenVacancies
▷ Tennis 1Waiting list
▷ Tennis 2Full
▷ Tennis 3Full
▷ Textile Outings and MoreVacancies
▷ TextilesFull
▷ UkuleleFull
▷ West End TheatreVacancies
▷ Wine … and MoreWaiting list
▷ Wine … and Much MoreFull
▷ Wine AppreciationWaiting list
▷ Wine On LineVacancies
▷ World LiteratureWaiting list
▷ Writing 1 & 2Vacancies
▷ Writing 3Vacancies
▷ Writing for WellbeingVacancies
▷ Yoga (Iyengar)Vacancies