How to book a walk

To book a walk you must be a member of the Longer Walks Group
▪︎ Join the Longer Walks Group
◻︎ The Book a Longer Walk page details the programme of forthcoming walks, together with the dates when booking opens.
◻︎ Booking will open approximately two months in advance of the walk.
◻︎ To book a walk complete the Booking Form below the walk description.
◻︎ Only bookings sent via the booking form will be accepted. Requests to join a walk before the opening date and time will not be accepted.
◻︎ On receipt of your booking request the Group Convener will contact you to confirm whether there is a place available.
◻︎ Once a walk is fully booked no further requests will be accepted. Where walks are full a waiting list of up to three groupmembers will be maintained.

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