We are not historians, just interested in history. So many problems in the world today have their roots in the deep past. The group is co-operative, in that members each read about a subject – a person, a theme like trade, science, a country – and then present what they’ve learnt to the group. It may be 5 minutes, or an hour. The research is fun, and our experience to date shows that members, however inexperienced, talk with ease in this small, friendly group.We started with the early centuries AD: topics have included refugees, slavery, American civilisations, African nomads, Japan, Germans, Celts, the Silk Roads, and the early Church.

In April, we move to the eighteenth century – the age of enlightenment, or the start of global capitalist exploitation; the Qianlong longest ruling Emperor of China, and Haitian revolutionary Toussaint Louverture; the Ashanti Empire in Ghana and the Maratha Empire in India; famines in Bengal, Iceland, Timbuktu and the Czech lands; the coldest winter for 500 years; Telemann and Mozart; a Chinese encyclopaedia of 800,000 pages and Harrison’s chronometer to measure longitude. Come and explore.

Frequency : Fortnightly
When: Wednesday mornings, from 10 a.m.- 11.30 a.m.
Where : Stroud Green, N4

Group Convener: David Pashley

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The photos are of Krito, mourning the death of her mother, Timarista (c.410 BC); poor King Harold (1066); and Sojourner Truth, an abolitionist and women’s rights campaigner (1792-1892).