Appendix : Risk Assessment Checklists

▷ Risk assessment for use in private homes
❑ If you as a Group Convener or host holds a meeting in your home the Third Age Trust advises that, to facilitate cover under the u3a insurance policy, it is worth completing a risk assessment showing ‘due diligence’. This means that you have advised participants in advance of any potential risks
❑ Please note you do not have to complete this but the Trust advice is that it adds a further secure dimension to our cover and perhaps most importantly reassures group members wishing to come to group meetings. It is for you to adapt to your own requirements
❑ Conveners should complete this form in conjunction with the home owner and send a copy of it to your group members. They do not have to sign it or return it, but if they have any queries or concerns, they should contact you. If you have any queries, contact the Groups Coordinator
▷ Walk leaders risk assessment checklist
▷ Cycling for Fun and Fitness risk assessment