Appendix : Resources

▷ Equipment
▷ Copyright material
▷ Photographs
▷ National u3a resources


  Items of equipment which may be borrowed
• Large screen and projector (currently stored in the Union Church and Community Centre, Weston Park, N8 9PX)
• Small screen and projector
• Microphone
• Printer 
• 60 wine glasses held by the Catering Team
• 30 knives and forks
• Modem router

  To borrow any of these items contact the member of the groups team delegated to support your group (Appendix 9)

  Copyright material

  Generally, there is no infringement of copyright if you are:
• copying material including music, maps, newspapers, magazines for private study and research
• recording broadcasts for purposes of listening or viewing at a more convenient time
• playing sound recordings for a non-profit making organisation, club or society such as u3a
• Further information on copyright may be found here


  Photographs are classified as personal data
  Permission should be requested from group members before photographs are taken for publication in the CEDu3a newsletter or on its website or Facebook page

  National u3a resources

  Most subjects have a Subject Adviser who can be contacted directly. Details are listed on the u3a website here
  A range of resources are available for all u3a groups to download free of charge
  Go to and type resources in the search box for a full list of material, a more refined search e.g. geology resources will produce a more specific list
  To enter the Members’ Area on the national website you will need to register. Choose your own username and password. By clicking the Members’ Area Home Page tab, a range of information becomes available.