Appendix : Groups Team role descriptions

🟨 The Groups Team is one of a number of CEDu3a Sub-committees. Currently a team of two, the workload is shared between

Groups Coordinator : John Hemingway (
Groups Organiser : Stephen Lustig (

🟨 The shared role of the Groups Coordinator and Groups Organiser is to:

□ to maintain and develop the range of interest groups on offer
□ to recruit potential conveners for new groups and, where groups are oversubscribed, second and third groups, by advertising on the website, monthly bulletin and responding to feedback from members, members questionnaire, and meetings for new members
□ to meet potential conveners and support them in getting groups started with reference to Conveners Handbook-‘What things to consider’, and devise web page for each new group
□ to support and advise conveners in all areas including the management of Waiting/Reserve Lists, succession planning, sharing responsibilities, appointing co-conveners and administrative support within groups, undertaking risk assessments as required
□ to work with others in arranging the annual Open Day and encouraging the input of all conveners to advertise their group activities
□ to be aware of and share with conveners and others guidance from the national u3a office, good practice and initiatives in other u3as
□ to be the first ‘port of call’ for complaints, issues involving conveners
□ to organise conveners’ meetings, action what is agreed and organise the annual conveners’ social event
□ to regularly update the Conveners Handbook which provides advice for conveners
□ to ensure that group information on the website is updated regularly (twice a year), in common format to include status-full, reserve list, vacancies in conjunction with the website manager
□ to support and encourage all conveners in using the Beacon management system, providing advice and liaising with the Beacon Manager

🟨 The additional responsibilities of the Groups Coordinator are:

□ to provide leadership and direction to the Groups Team including oversight and support of the Groups Organiser
□ to represent all matters concerning groups at the Executive Committee, advising other officers at the Officer’s Sub-committee and ensuring views expressed and supported by conveners are brought to the their attention
□ to lead communication between the Executive Committee and Conveners and enact decisions agreed there

🟨 The Groups Team meets four times a year and reports to the Executive Committee and advising Officers Sub-committee

Updated April 2023