Appendix : Financial Arrangements

Convener/Group Expenses

❑ Set up costs up to ÂŁ50 may be re-imbursed provided they have been agreed in advance by the Groups Organiser/Coordinator

❑ Running costs up to ÂŁ75 a year this may include (this list not exhaustive):

○ Provision for paying external tutors/coaches/experts (not CEDu3a members). These should be for one-off or very occasional sessions only and must be agreed by the Groups Team in advance

○ Incidental expenses incurred by groups e.g., for hire of equipment, play scripts etc. These must also be agreed by the Groups Team in advance

○ Travelling expenses (additional costs after using Freedom Pass and Senior Rail Card if applicable) by walking and other outdoor groups for planning visits and reconnaissance

❑ Receipts are required for all of the above and should be presented to the Treasurer for payment

❑ CEDu3a will not fund items that are entirely for the personal use of individual members. This Includes consumable items such as art materials and fabrics, as well as sportswear and outdoor clothing.

❑ Requests made in advance for funding for special activities/items that would lead to a group exceeding their annual limit may be considered. The outcome to be determined by the Groups Team in conjunction with the Treasurer

Zoom Accounts

❑ There may be circumstances where Zoom is needed for meetings. If this is a one-off occasion, then groups should consider either:

○ Using the free facility which lasts 40 minutes and requires members of the group to sign out and sign in again after 40 minutes

○ Taking out a single month subscription for the occasions that meetings take place on Zoom

❑ On-going subscriptions will be funded only when the group needs to meet on Zoom on a regular basis (at least once a month)

❑ Reimbursement for the cost of a Zoom Monthly Pro Account must be agreed in advance by the Groups Coordinator

❑ Receipts/invoices should be retained and submitted to the Treasurer

❑ For Zoom technical support email

Venue Hire

The following section applies only to new requests for support received after the review date. Any arrangements previously entered into will continue to be honoured


❑ Group meetings generally take place in member’s homes and are usually monthly or at most fortnightly

❑ Where new groups are unable to meet in a member’s home, or where the nature of the activity requires the use of specialist facilities it may be appropriate to use an external venue

❑ As there is often a cost implication to using external venues, the convener must request the approval of the Groups Team in advance before exploring this option

❑ The convener must then provide the Groups Team with the information required to enable an informed decision to be made

❑ Venues must not be booked until the Groups Team has formally approved the request

❑ Factors the Groups Team (in consultation with the CEDu3a Treasurer) will take into account in approving venue requests:

○ Requirement for the group to meet at a paid external venue as opposed to in a member’s home or some other free venue

○ The cost of the venue compared to other venues that could meet the group’s needs

○ The overall annual cost of the venue and cost per member benefitting, taking account of:

— cost per session
— total number of sessions requested
— number of CEDu3a members that will benefit from the activity
— overall budget implications for CEDu3a
— any other issues that may make the venue unsuitable, including, for example, accessibility and health and safety

Self-funding of additional sessions

❑ Where funding for group venues is agreed it will be for a specific number of sessions

❑ If any group wishes to run additional sessions these will need to be self-funded and bookings arranged directly with the venue

❑ The group will need to ensure that they are adequately insured for these additional sessions, as they will not be covered by the nationally provided u3a public liability insurance

❑ In these circumstances funding will be made available to meet the costs for any members of the group on concessionary membership

❑ In the first instance any member/s affected will need to apply to the Groups Team via the group convener


❑ Where the Groups Team and Treasurer’s decision on funding is challenged by any group, or if there is no agreement on a decision, the Executive Committee will make a final decision

Reviewed and revised by EC 8 September 2023