Appendix : Financial Arrangements

▷ Expenses
▷ Zoom accounts
▷ Room hire

  Convener/Group expenses

  ‘Set Up’ costs of £50 may be re-imbursed provided they have been agreed in advance by the groups organiser
  Running costs of up to £75 annually to include:
• Provision for employing/paying external tutors (professional coaches, experts, trainers but not cedU3A members). These should be for ‘one-off’ or very occasional sessions only. Conveners must ensure they obtain documentary evidence from tutors/coaches etc of public liability insurance, and that they are registered with HMRC as self-employed. Receipts are also required and should be retained
• Incidental expenses incurred by groups, e.g., hiring play scripts, to be agreed by the groups coordinator/groups organiser in advance
• Travelling expenses (additional costs after using Freedom Pass and Senior Rail Card) for walking groups and other outdoor groups for purposes of reconnaissance
  Receipts/invoices should be retained and submitted to the Ttreasurer at
  We will not fund ‘consumable’ materials for the personal use of individual members such as paper, pencils, fabric

  Zoom accounts

  Zoom’s 45-minute limited basic account is free
  Reimbursement for the cost of a Zoom Monthly Pro Account must be agreed in advance by the Groups Co-ordinator at
  Zoom technical support can be accessed by contacting
  Receipts/invoices should be retained and submitted to the Treasurer at

  Room hire

  Group meetings generally take place in members’ homes
  External venues may be appropriate for sports and some other activities where specialist facilities are required
  Approval for ‘one-off’ or regular meetings should be sought from the Groups’ Coordinator
  Where approved hire costs for groups will be met centrally
  A list of venues used is available here
  Bookings should be made directly with the venue and invoices submitted to the Treasurer at
  Expenditure outside these guidelines may be considered on request by the Executive Committee