Appendix : Beacon

CEDu3a uses Beacon, a system designed to manage membership, groups and finances. Group conveners are encouraged to use the group management functions of Beacon. This allows conveners to send messages to group members using blind copy emails. A blind copy email is one where each recipient in a list of email addresses sees only her/his own email address, and not the email addresses of any other recipients. Conveners and group members details are those already registered in the system giving a consistent, secure database in compliance with GDPR rules.
▷ How to set up a group on Beacon
▷ Adding details of the group
▷ Adding members to the group list
▷ Sending emails

  How to set up a group on Beacon

  Contact the Beacon manager at with a request to provide you with a user name and password (if you do not already have one), and for your group to added to the groups list on Beacon
  When you are provided with this go to
  Click/tap on the down arrow on the right hand side of the box labelled U3A and select Crouch End & District from the drop-down menu. Next, enter your user name and password and click/tap on Enter

You may change your password by clicking/tapping on the Personal preferences tab in the column labelled Misc. on the orange-coloured adminstration menu

  Adding details of the group

  Click/tap on the Groups tap located on the second column of the administration menu, to reveal a list of groups, including your own.

You have access to your own group but to no others

  Click/tap on your group name located in the Group column. Here add all the details you want but ignore Faculty and Status
  Ignore the three tick-boxes that allow members to join online, enable waiting list, and notify convener of changes, as they are not currently in use

  When have completed this process click/tap on Save Record

  Adding members to the group list

  Click/tap on the Members tab on the Group Details screen. This will reveal a list of members who have joined your group. If this is the first time that a group list is being created no names will be displayed
  To add a member’s name to the group list select Add member by name and choose the name from the drop-down menu
  When you have finished adding a name to your group list click/tap on the Add box, and the newly added name will appear on the list, together with her or his membership number, address, and telephone and mobile number, and membership status
  If you know the membership numbers of the members who want to add to the list, select the Add member by membership number option. Here you may enter as many membership numbers as you wish, as long as they are separated by a comma (no space after) delimiter

From this list you are also able to remove members who have left the group or whose membership has expired and amend the convener status

  Sending emails

  To all the members of your group. From the Group Members screen click/tap on Select, and from the drop-down menu select Select All
To selected members of your group. From the Group Members screen click/tap on Select and click/tap the white box against the member’s name in the Select column
  Click/tap on Do with selected. This will invoke an email form, to which you can add a subject, the contents of your email, and any attachments
  When you have completed your message, click/tap on Send. The email is always sent as a blind copy
  *Once you have sent your message there is no way to retrieve its contents
  When the email has been sent, a new screen is displayed confirming E-mail sent successfully. To return to the Adminstration menu, click/tap on Home

*Before sending your message, consider if you want to retain it for future use. To do so select the Save as standard message function and name the message. If in future you want to reuse or revise a previously saved message, use the drop down menu in the Load standard message option. Click/tap on the title of your saved message and it will appear in the email text box ready to be edited and re-sent if required

Do not use the back arrow to navigate to a previous screen. Always select the Home tab if available for this purpose

  If you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at