Groups – L

Ancient Greek
French Conversation Advanced
German Conversation : Stammtisch
Greek Language and Culture
Italian Conversation 1
Italian Conversation 2
Spanish Conversation 1
Spanish Conversation 2
Spanish Conversation 3

Fortnightly on Wednesdays, 2 p.m.
✅ Open to new members
Lawn Bowls
Fortnightly on Tuesdays during the summer season, 2–4 p.m.
✅ Open to new members
Book Group 1
Book Group 2
Book Group 3
Crime Fiction Book Club 1
Crime Fiction Book Club 2
Exploring Poetry Writing
French Book Groups
Historical Fiction
Italian Book Club
New Testament in Ancient Greek Reading Group
Play Reading
Poetry for Pleasure 1
Poetry for Pleasure 2
Poetry for Pleasure 3
Reading Race 1 : Non-fiction
Reading Race 2 : Fiction, memoirs and poetry
Spanish Book Club
World Literature

London Loop Walkers
First Thursday of the month
 Full, waiting list open
London Walks
At least one walk in the month, generally on the third Thursday morning
 Full, waiting list full
Longer Walks
One walk in the month, normally on the second Thursday and repeated on the fourth Thursday
 Full, waiting list full