Ground rules for walkers

□ Though walking is one of the safest outdoor activities, it is not completely without risk

Before the walk

□ You participate in a group walk at your own risk

□ It is your responsibility to ensure your own safety and consider the safety of others

□ It is your responsibility to ensure that you are healthy enough and ft enough to complete the walk

□ You must take note of the risk assessment for the walk and declare that you are fit to take part and do not represent a risk to others

□ You should read and abide by any advice and instructions issued by the group convener or walk leader

□ You should wear suitable clothing, and footwear. The walk leader may refuse to allow you to participate in the walk if in their opinion you are inadequately equipped or unfit

□ When in doubt, contact the Group Convener in advance
You should bring a packed lunch and enough water with you to last you the whole day

□ If you find that you are unable to participate in a walk, please inform the group convener as far in advance as possible so that your place may be offered to another member of the group

□ In accordance with u3a guidelines, any member who frequently books places on walks and then regularly cancels, risks losing their place in the group

□ Members who have not attended a walk for at least 6 months will be removed from the group

On the walk

□ The group will meet at the start point detailed in the walk itinerary. It is your responsibility to be there and ready to depart at the stated time

□ The walk may be modified on the day in the event of problems such as blocked paths, flooding etc. You must then follow and support the walk leader’s decisions

□ During the walk you should keep the group leader/main party in sight at all times

□ There will be a designated back marker (a volunteer from the group) who will ensure the group stays together

□ If you decide to leave a walk at an opt-out point, you are responsible for making your own way to your destination

□ u3a walking groups are not required to have trained first aiders. However, the u3a walk leader will always carry a basic first aid kit even if they have not had specific first aid training

Cancelled walks

□ In the event of bad weather or major transport disruption, the walk leaders may cancel the walk

□ Whenever possible the group webpage on the CEDu3awebsite will be updated with this information

□ Information about cancellations will also be posted on the Group’s WhatsApp messaging service, which you are encouraged to join. It should only to be used for messages that relate to walking group activities and not for personal or social reasons. As cancellations may be made as late as the day of the walk, members are advised to check WhatsApp before leaving home

Dogs on walks

□ Given the additional responsibility it places on all of a group’s walkers, together with the potential for conflict, members are generally not permitted to bring dogs on walks

□ In order to comply with the 2010 Equality Act, the only exception to this is where a member needs to be accompanied by an assistance dog*. If you are a member of the group and would like to walk with your assistance dog,
please get in touch with the group convener to discuss the nature and suitability of the walk

□ Any exceptions to the policy on dogs on walks will be posted on the essential information section on the webpage of the walk in question, e.g. Middle Way Walkers

*Assistance dogs are dogs that have been trained in order to provide assistance to disabled people and those with certain medical conditions such as epilepsy
22 MARCH 202