We live in turbulent and uncertain times, with no clear indication that governments (of any stripe) are thinking in the long term. The Futurology Group will discuss potential outcomes arising from current policies and behaviours (local, national and global), and examine whether there are sensible interventions that may direct us to a saner, sustainable future. Any such future will need people of all backgrounds and life experiences to cooperate; so why not start now? The possibility exists to publish our findings and to effect changes leading to a happier, healthier world. Of course we would need to define happiness, and health. Maybe this won’t be so easy … but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try!
  The way in which we approach the task will evolve as the group coalesces. I’m looking forward to meeting others with ideas about the world we want to live in and strategies for getting there.

   Group Convener : John Wilkinson

The Group meets in Park Avenue South, N8 of the first Wednesday of every month, from 7 p.m.

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