Foreign Films

My aim will be to prepare a programme and email it to Group members a month ahead of showing (cinemas vary in announcing their screenings) for you to reply. Where feasible, I will book tickets so that we can all sit together. We meet up at the BFI a little beforehand and sometimes, depending on time, we have a drink and chat about the film afterwards. Sometimes the BFI will organise a discussion after the film.

  • When: This will depend on the availability of good films, and will vary. The British Film Institute (BFI) shows films on weekday evenings and weekend afternoons and evenings. 
  • Where: Mostly, BFI Southbank (the old National Film Theatre) beneath Waterloo Bridge. Or Curzon Bloomsbury and cinemas local to Crouch End, depending on what is on. I think that films need to be seen in the environment for which they were created

Group Convener: Pauline Wise

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Our programme

February 2018 – Song of Cotton, and The Touch

March 2018 – The Long Season (following the daily lives of Syrian refugees in Majdal Anjar, a refugee camp in Lebanon


Films we have seen

December 2017 – The Leopard
January 2018 – Félicité