Foreign Films


My aim will be to prepare a programme and email it to Group members a month ahead of showing (cinemas vary in announcing their screenings) for you to reply. Where feasible, I will book tickets so that we can all sit together. We meet up at the BFI a little beforehand and sometimes, depending on time, we have a drink and chat about the film afterwards. Sometimes the BFI will organise a discussion after the film.

☐ Frequency : Monthly
☐ When : This will depend on the availability of good films, and will vary. The British Film Institute (BFI) shows films on weekday evenings and weekend afternoons and evenings.
☐ Where : Mostly, BFI Southbank (the old National Film Theatre) beneath Waterloo Bridge. Or Curzon Bloomsbury and cinemas local to Crouch End, depending on what is on.
Group Convener: Pauline Wise

To join the group please complete the contact form below. This form may also be used to contact the Convener on all matters relating to the Group.

Coming up …

25 July 2019 : Varda by Agnes (2019)

15 August 2019 : La Jour se leve (1939)