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☐ When : Mondays, at 2 p.m.
☐ Where : Basement cinema, Mount View Road, N4
☐ Number of places per showing: 17

Group Convener: Patsy Nightingale

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Our programme : January to June 2019

Looking at the kitchen sink films, based on books or plays of the 1960s has been a real treat. This next tranche is going to continue with 1960s film but with a tighter focus: location shooting in London and often the more unfamiliar parts. This was in fact kicked off with our last film of this year: The L-Shaped Room.
We have moved to two films a month due to popular demand! When there is a Bank Holiday it doesn’t always work out but we may slot in some extras nearer the time. This time I will be sharing the load with my husband, Ian Christie.

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8 April 2019

Cathy Come Home (1965)(Ken Loach)
” … follows young lovers Cathy and Reg from the optimism of their early married days through a spiral of misfortune that follows Reg’s work accident, leading to eviction and separation, and culminating, in what remains one of TV’s most memorable scenes, in a hysterical Cathy having her children forcibly taken away by Social Services.” – BFI.
▷ Discover the London locations featured in this film
These include Hammersmith.

Booking opens 25 March 2019

20 May 2019

Bunny Lake is Missing (1965)(Otto Preminger)
“Scotland Yard discovers that when an unmarried young mother announces her child is missing from a nursery school, no one has seen the child and disown her existence.” – BFI.

10 June 2019

The Knack (1965)(Richard Lester)
“Colin is a schoolteacher who shares a house with Tolen. Tolen has “the Knack”…and is always surrounded by beautiful girls, whilst Colin is desperate to discover Tolen’s secret power over women.” – BFI