Executive Committee Meeting 24 January 2020

Executive Processes

◼ 170 of the total 863 members had still not renewed their membership. A final reminder would be sent in February, then conveners of those lapsing after the end of the month would be informed. Explanatory text would be added to the Paypal button on the payment page, to explain that membership of Paypal was not a requirement.
◼ Members to be informed that the new Safeguarding policy was available to view on the website.
◼ Nomination documents for additional Trustees and a new Chair, to be approved at the AGM, would be circulated out to all members in the following week via email and by post to non-emailers.
◼ Consideration will be given over the coming weeks to CEDU3A’s participation in national U3A Day on 3rd June, with the possibility of a series of workshops to be held on that day.

Groups / Meetings / Members

◼ It was agreed that members should be reminded in the next Bulletin that the monthly meeting now begins at 10.30 with notices and 10.45 for the main speaker. Late arrivals must enter by the side entrance and in the near future notification will be given that no late arrivals will be admitted after 10.45. Capacity issues in the current monthly meeting venue would be discussed in a meeting with Union Church representatives shortly.
◼ There were currently 83 groups in total in CEDU3A. A focus was being placed on oversubscribed groups and duplicates would be created where practicable. Some new groups were being created – Beer Appreciation, Backgammon, Italian Conversation, Art with Mixed Media and Writing Group 4. Consideration would be given to an Art Appreciation 3 group.
◼ The means of broadening diversity of membership was actively being considered, with the development of a possible buddying system and discussions with adjacent organisations already in train.
◼ Arrangements for another Quiz Night were being pursued and would be advertised to members when finalised.
◼ A shared learning project with Hornsey Historical Society has resulted in an upcoming exhibition of old photos of Crouch End, with historical interpretation, to be shown locally in April. Details will be inserted into the Bulletin nearer the time.


◼ CEDU3A had £33,227 in total assets currently, although this figure would reduce in-year with planned expenditure. £10,000 had been transferred into the new Natwest ‘feeder’ account, as a prudent financial security measure.
◼ A series of revisions to the way the accounts were reported was being carried out, following advice from the examiner of the accounts and prior to reporting at the AGM.


◼ Although a new volunteer outreach coordinator had been recruited, volunteers for the projector / screen rota for monthly meetings were still being sought.
◼ The new External Relations Group reported back to EC on its first meeting. They will be taking forward various initiatives including the launch of a termly newsletter, FAQs and CEDU3A’s involvement in the National U3A Day on 3 June 2020 amongst other things.
◼ In addition, after the end of February any lapsed members would be asked for their reason for doing so.
◼ The Christmas Companions initiative had generated a number of responses but in the end only one person took advantage of it. It was agreed that earlier advertising, better communications and the alternative of a Christmas day walk could be considered instead for Christmas 2020.
◼ The Twixtmas initiative was more successful with 30 members signing up to receive details and 9 of these attending the walk, with opportunity of lunch. Similar lessons to the Christmas Companions of advertising earlier and better communications could be followed this year.