Executive Committee Meeting 18 December 2019

Summarised actions arising from the Executive Committee (EC) meeting held on 18th October 2019

Executive Processes

The revised membership application form was now in use and more offers of help had been received. A procedure was required to ensure that members joining online are asked about volunteering and suggestions for new groups and that any responses are sent to the correct person. It was agreed that the Secretary would be responsible for storing paper and electronic copies of all current policies and a full set of Steering Committee / Executive Committee papers from the inception of the CEDU3AA revised version of the Strategic Objectives would be provided for agreement at the next EC meeting together with a timetable for providing information for the Chair’s annual report.
A Safeguarding Policy, based on that provided by the national U3A on their website, was presented. It was agreed that CEDU3A should act in a referral capacity and provide help until those involved were supported within a recognised procedure.It was confirmed that all policies would be revised on a 3-year cycle.The Executive Committee will meet on a 6-weekly basis in 2020, instead of once every 2 months. Dates for next year to be established before the next meeting.

Groups / Meetings / Members

There are currently 74 groups. New groups include Photography, Sing and Sip, Quilting and Patchwork, Americana.
Alexandra Palace had withdrawn from the proposal to establish a new pétanque terrain in its grounds. The Petanque Group would continue to meet in the Alexandra Palace car park.
The Open Day was well attended with more than 60 conveners and 150 visitors. 88 new members had signed up since then.

It was agreed that the Union Church was a preferable venue to the Moravian Church in terms of atmosphere and available space.
There had been two conveners’ meetings focusing on data protection, venue approval, behaviour at meetings, management of waiting lists and employment of external tutors. The current Guidance to Conveners was reviewed and will be updated.
It was agreed that group members should be notified on joining a group what they can expect from the group meetings and what is expected of them. The ground rules will be reviewed at the next EC meeting.
There were 140 responses to the recent Questionnaire. Several favourable comments were received about the activities and organisation of CEDU3A and there were suggestions for new groups, increasing membership among the BAME population.