Executive Committee Meeting of 6 March 2020

Executive Processes

There are currently 785 members, 103 not having renewed membership and 59 ones joining. Convenors to be informed of members who have lapsed. Three nominations had been received for the replacement trustee positions, due to become vacant at the AGM on 2nd April, and one nomination had been received for the office of Chair which is also due to become vacant at the AGM. The Committee approved the adoption of each of the three nominees into trustee positions, they being elected unopposed. The new Chair – Sally Whitaker – was also elected unopposed and will take over from Sue Felgate at the AGM. The National U3A’s administrative system, Beacon, is presently being updated and will be rolled out from June on. CEDU3A users will be given full training as part of the roll out.

Executive Groups / Meetings / Members

A meeting had been held with representatives of Union Church and Community Centre and the possibility of additional seats capacity considered. It was likely that the John Aston room could be made available for the AGM and monthly meetings thereafter, together with some new seats later in the year. It is now possible for alcohol to be served in the Centre. A second Table Tennis group was under consideration and possible similar duplication of sessions was considered for oversubscribed groups such as gardening, birdwatching and outings. Coaching for Table Tennis and Badminton has been arranged. A planned Mindfulness group should start in May. A buddying system for new members would be initiated shortly and volunteers are being recruited to assist in the scheme. A shared learning project was due to open its first exhibition, at the Art House, from 1st April to end May and thereafter at the Haberdashery café during the month of June.


The independent examiner of the accounts had approved those for 2019 and the draft finance report for the AGM was approved by the Committee and signed off by the Vice-Chair. The report will be disseminated in the pack of papers sent out prior to the AGM.
As the position of Metro bank still posed a possible risk, it was agreed that the Treasurer should transfer £4,000 from the CEDU3A account there to the Natwest account. Funds held in the Paypal account will remain there for the time being. The CAF fixed rate savings account is to be reinvested there for another year.


National guidance on the coronavirus outbreak in the UK is being shared with members on the website as it is issued. CEDU3A will respond to advice regarding interest groups meeting and larger gathering such as the monthly meetings as necessary. The advice on the website to be revised in a timely manner as circumstances change. Papers for the AGM would be sent out to all members in the week beginning 9th March, either by email or post for those who don’t use email. The External Relations Group will henceforth be called the Communications Group. The group is drawing up a new leaflet, a handbook and planning for U3A Day. The Group will also survey lapsed members to better understand why they lapsed. A working group is being set up to consider a number of proposals for celebrating U3A Day. A new volunteering page has been added to the website and new members coffee mornings will include a new item around volunteering. The next new members’ coffee morning to be held on 31st March.