Executive Committee

The Executive Committee agreed recently to make actions arising from discussions available to all members for information.

Summary of actions arising from the Executive Committee (EC) meeting held on 21st June 2019

Executive Processes

* The final revision to the Code of Conduct for Committee members was approved and all present indicated their acceptance of it. Those not present to be contacted to seek acceptance. An agreed proposal set out that a maximum of 2 members could observe the Executive Committee meetings scheduled for 18th October or 20th December in 2019. It was agreed that the scheme should be advertised through the Bulletin, website and conveners ahead of these meetings.
* Draft plans with objectives for 2019 and beyond had been set out. It was anticipated that a small group would be formed to ensure delivery of the objectives ahead of the next AGM. Feedback to be submitted and the final form to be reissued ahead of the EC meeting scheduled for 18th October.

Groups / Meetings / Workshops

* First Aid training was being organised for a half-day session on 17th July and it would be offered to conveners of the more active groups, as well as any others interested. It was considered that there perhaps should be 2 members present at each monthly meeting who had had this training.
* The issue of data protection legislation was raised and training for conveners would be organised soon.
* The Talking About Death workshop, intended for November, has been advertised on the website.
* An organiser would be sought for the management of monthly meeting organisation, other than speakers
Update: an organiser has now been arranged


* bbc114 members so far had indicated that they would like to receive the Third Age Matters magazine. Members had until end July to respond and a further reminder to be sent out to members before then.

* It was agreed that there would be a members’ news section from the Autumn to be trialled for a period of up to 6 months, with an interim assessment of suitability at 3 months. Details of how this would work to be issued in September via the Bulletin and website. Additional volunteer help to be allocated to gather contributions and edit copy if required.


* A small working party to consider both how any remaining finance surplus might be used for members’ benefit (e.g. training), review in general the budget as it stands and make recommendations for any changes.

Social Events

* A Rock and Roll evening was being organised in the autumn. Date to be arranged, probably a Friday or Saturday in October or November

* It was agreed that perhaps a one-off line dancing social event could be arranged, with tickets purchased in advance, to establish the level of interest in this activity
Update: now not likely to go ahead.
* The final page of the membership form, relating to volunteering, had been revised and the completed version would be sent for use.