Thursday 13 June 2024

Date: June 13, 2024
Location: ❑ Douglas Miller : Death and the afterlife in Ancient Egypt

Many of us will have seen the famous mummies housed in the British Museum, so we are delighted to welcome Douglas Miller, who regularly gives talks in the museum’s Egyptian Galleries. Douglas will discuss how and when the ancient Egyptians developed their cult of the afterlife and give an introduction to it. He will illustrate how the ancient Egyptians treated their dead in pre-dynastic times and the New Kingdom, using burial assemblages that are presently exhibited at the British Museum. He will also discuss the ancient Egyptian’s views on the afterlife and how an Egyptian of high standing from this period might have been prepared in order to enter the ‘Duat’ or Netherworld

Please note: Douglas’s talk will feature photographic images of human remains, and there will be discussion of how the bodies of ancient Egyptians were prepared for the afterlife. This will be done respectfully, but if you are offended by seeing human remains or hearing details of their preparation, this talk may not be for you

Douglas is a semi-retired dentist, specialising in the treatment of phobic and highly anxious patients, and lives and works in North London. He has held a life-long interest in archaeology, especially the culture and civilisation of ancient Egypt. He has
visited Egypt to tour most of the sites and has taken part in archaeological digs, both in Central London and Israel. Since cutting back on his professional work he has established ties with the British Museum in a voluntary capacity, which include his Friday evening talks … and before anyone asks, he has never pilfered any items from the Museum’s collection!