Etiquette for Walkers

▪︎ Though walking is one of the safest outdoor activities, it is not completely without risk
▪︎ All those joining a walk do so at their own risk
▪︎ It is your responsibility to ensure your own safety and consider the safety of others
▪︎ Most walking groups will be accompanied by at least one person (usually the leader) who has undergone a course of training in Emergency First Aid
▪︎ However it is your responsibility to make sure that you are fit enough to undertake the walk you intend to join
▪︎ Walkers must have suitable clothing, footwear, food and drink
▪︎ Walkers should read and abide by any advice and instructions issued by the group convener or walk leader
▪︎ Leaders may refuse to accept participants who in their opinion are inadequately equipped or unfit. When in doubt, contact the group convener in advance
▪︎ To join a walk members must follow the procedure set out on the CEDU3A website
▪︎ In accordance with U3A guidelines, any member who frequently books places on walks and then regularly cancels, risks losing their place in the walks group.
▪︎ Members who have not attended a walk for at least 6 months will be removed from the group.
▪︎ Walkers meet at the start point detailed in the programme. It is each walker’s responsibility to be there and ready to depart at the stated time
▪︎ During the walk members should keep the group leader/main party in sight at all times
▪︎ There will be a designated back marker who ensures the group stays together. At the start of each walk a volunteer will be sought to perform this role
▪︎ Walks may be modified on the day in the event of problems such as blocked paths, flooding etc. Please then follow and support the walk leader’s decisions
▪︎ In the event of bad weather, walk leaders, at their discretion, may cancel the walk. When possible, this will be displayed on the group’s web page the day before the walk.
▪︎ Walkers are therefore advised to check the group’s website in the event of bad weather or phone the leader before setting out to ensure that the walk has not been cancelled
▪︎ Information about cancellations will also be posted on the relevant WhatsApp messaging group, which members are encouraged to join. For the Longer and Middle Way Walks use Long/Middle Walks CE&DU3A, for Green Wayfarers use Green London Wayfarers.
▪︎ If a problem arises and you must stop or leave the walk, make sure the Leader knows!
▪︎ If the leader is out of sight, call him/her on their mobile number if necessary – it will be in the published walk details
▪︎ If you decide to leave a walk at an opt-out point, you are responsible for your own transportation decisions.
▪︎ But most of all – please enjoy the walks!