Well-behaved dogs may (at the convener’s/leader’s discretion) be accepted on walks, but not in any other type of group. This is at the sole discretion of the group convener, whose decision is final. Guide/assistance dogs are allowed, of course.
A member must seek in advance with sufficient notice the convener’s permission to bring a dog on a walk. It is not acceptable just to turn up with a dog.

Before deciding to ask to bring a dog on a walk, please consider the following:
☐ While on the walk, the dog is entirely the owner’s responsibility and should not be allowed to impact on the enjoyment of other group members in any way
☐ The walk leader accepts no responsibility for the suitability/safety of the route for dogs
☐ There may be another member who has also brought a dog on the walk
☐ The dog should be capable of managing the full distance of the walk (up to 10 miles or more) at the pace adopted by the group
☐ Walking in the countryside means that often livestock are encountered & busy roads crossed
☐ Many pubs and cafes where stops are made for lunch/drinks do not allow dogs inside.≤br≥
☐ If there any problems, the walk leader has the right to require the owner and dog to leave. 

Some members who host group meetings in their own homes have a dog or cat. If you do not like these animals or have an allergy, you should let the host know in advance. The host may be able and willing to keep the animal out of the room where the group meets, but that may not be possible (or it may not help you in any case) – in which case you may decide not to join the group. The decision is entirely the host’s.

January 2019