A monthly workshop to free us up to begin (or continue) de cluttering our homes or work spaces. There is no magic formula as most people could manage the actual act of decluttering on their own.
However, many of us are held up by wondering where to start, what to do with the stuff we don’t want anymore and what we do with things that have a strong emotional connection. (The vase that was left to us by a very dear aunt 20 years ago. We loved the aunt but always disliked the vase).
I have run Declutter workshops at the City Lit for many years and find that for most people three to six workshops will be enough to understand how to overcome the psychological and practical barriers to decluttering. The time will be mutually supportive and members are free to come on an occasional basis or just once if they wish.
I will need to know in advance though for each month if you wish to attend.
Please note that parking on Muswell Hill Broadway is difficult and that there are two full flights of stairs to my flat.

☐ Frequency : Monthly
☐ When : Third Wednesday, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.
☐ Where : Muswell Hill Broadway
☐ Number of places per meeting : Up to 12

Workshop Convener: Sue Picano

To join the Workshop e-mail list please complete the contact form below. This form may also be used to contact the Convener on all matters relating to the Workshop.

Thank you for organising and running the declutter workshop, I had no idea just how much of my ‘issues’ were psychologically based, today’s first session was a real eye opener. The good news is now I know where the root of my problem is I can now take constructive action to move towards a more organised me. – Decluttering Workshop member