How to submit a listing

Organising a concert, gig or art show (or something completely different)? Then, why not publicise it via our Community Listings section? The listings are open to CE&DU3A members only, for non-U3A events: nothing religious, political or profit-making.
Submissions should be emailed to our Listings Editor, Chris Howe (, from whom further details may be obtained.
Submissions should be 50 words or fewer and include the U3A group(s) to which you belong, your membership number (this will not be published), and any web page link to the event you would like to publicise. If the event is scheduled to last more than one day, please include the start and end date.

Suggested format for submissions
Name [Membership No.](Group) … details of event … ,venue, dates, webpage address.
For example:
Joan Person [199] (Jazz Group) has an exhibition of paintings at Howard House Gallery, N8 8QR, from 14 September – 1 October 2019.