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Online Films Group update

Ian Christie put this on his Facebook page and it has added it to our private U3A page. ‘Working on an essay about Powell & Pressburger’s ‘metaphors of vision’, I realised some of Emeric’s non-Powell films are now easier to access than in the past. One of his most successful scripts from the French period MONSIEUR SANS-GENE was remade in Hollywood as ONE RAINY AFTERNOON, which starts with a fateful mix-up over seats for a clandestine rendezvous in a Paris cinema. Best known today for a luminous performance by Ida Lupino, it actually holds up well in most departments, including Francis Lederer’s elegant leading man. I wonder how much of the script is Emeric’s…?’

Watch One Rainy Afternoon

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Keeping in touch

There have been a number of enquiries about how members can keep in touch with each other remotely during this lengthy period of social distancing.
  The most popular social media platforms suitable for Crouch End and District U3A members are probably Facebook and WhatsApp.

  Why not join the Crouch End and District U3A Facebook Group?. This very active Group currently has over 200 members and provides a discussion forum on all matters to do with CEDU3A. A great way to keep in touch.
  Groups may like to think about setting up an invitation only Facebook Group. There are a number of YouTube videos to explain how to set one up. All participants must have Facebook accounts.
  WhatsApp is a free messaging app that allows you to send messages, videos and images or make calls to other WhatsApp users. It allows the setting up of groups, and some of our interest groups already use WhatsApp for their internal communications.
  We are confident that members who use WhatsApp regularly would be happy to help others in the true spirit of the Crouch End and District U3A.
  The Crouch End and District U3A does have a Twitter account: good for short messages, and allows uploading of images and video. It is possible to set up Group Twitter accounts.
Google Hangouts
For Google Chrome users Google Hangouts allows group video calls for free for up to 150 participants.
  According to Microsoft Skype to Skype calling lets you make free calls online for up to 50 people (49 plus you!) for audio or video conferencing on any device.
  For users with iPhones, iPads or Macs, Facetime allows you to add 30 people to a group FaceTime call.
  Zoom is a well-reviewed web conferencing service which has a free licence. Under this licence a meeting will time out after 40 minutes. One of our members comments on the Crouch End and District U3A Facebook page: “This is a really good starting point. The charity I work with as a trustee is currently using Zoom very effectively for all our contingency and planning meetings …”
Zoom set-up guide ▷
Zoom quick start guide ▷ is a free video conferencing option which does not appear to have any time-outs.
  Please note that these services are listed for information only, and are not in anyway recommended by the Crouch End and District U3A. Please note also that Crouch End and District U3A is not in a position to offer technical advice on these services.

  However, if any member has experience of video conferencing platforms it would be good if he or she could either post to the Crouch End & District U3A Facebook page or email Any useful tips and experiences can then be added to a dedicated page on the Crouch End and District U3A website.

The Virtual U3A

The Virtual U3A or vU3A is like a local U3A Group except that its activities take place on the Internet.
An important target group for the vU3a is older people who are isolated through location, illness or immobility – but all are welcome. We have members from around the world.
Members of the Virtual U3A are encouraged to form their own informal learning and discussion groups, choose their own topics and share their experiences in the social areas of the site. It follows the principles of participative learning which have made the U3A one of the most successful educational and social groups for older people.
The vU3A’s activities are carried out in writing using a secure, membership only, workspace. The vU3A does not create or deliver formal structured online courses.

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  The Crouch End & District U3A will be publishing a newsletter in late April/May 2020. This will focus on all the wonderful people, their stories, activities and achievements that make up our U3A.
  The Newsletter, to be published two or three times a year, will include profiles of our members, in-depth looks at our different Groups and National or regional U3A events of interest. We will include poems, short stories, gardening tips, crafts and art, a quiz, suggestions for beers or wines, local interest and history stories and much more.
  So we need members to help by contributing to the newsletter. Have you written a book, swum the channel or climbed Everest lately? Is your Group planning a special event or activity? Are you a keen photographer? High resolution photographs of U3A activities or events will be very welcome. Please send items and photos to