Bulletin no. 53 (May 2022)

Monthly meetings

We have resumed our popular monthly meetings at the Union Church and Community Centre (located on Weston Park at the junction with Ferme Park Road N8 9PX).

All meetings are from 10.30am – 12 noon, with entry from 10.00am. With currently limited capacity at the Union Church, we are asking members to register on our website for these talks if they wish to attend. Further information and registration details for our monthly meetings are here.

Thursday 12 May 2022, 10.30am

Lucy Ellis: 1920s wallpaper: designing and decorating for the suburban dream

This illustrated talk will include a brief history of wallpaper and then discuss design, taste and the role of the independent decorator in the 1920s and 30s, outlining how the industry embraced mass production, advertising and branding, and sought to woo the all-important housewife with a variety of selling methods.

Thursday 9 June 2022, 10.30am

Anita Peleg: Glimmer of Hope – The story of Naomi Blake 1924-2018

Naomi Blake was born in 1924 in Mukacevo, Czechoslovakia to a large Jewish family within a thriving Jewish population. This all changed under the German-backed Hungarian regime and by 1944 the Jews had all fled or been deported. Her story is told by her daughter Anita Peleg using audio testimony of Naomi, historical photos and photos of Naomi’s sculpture that demonstrate the strength of the human spirit to survive against the odds and provide a positive legacy for the future.

CEDu3a Open Day

Our Open Day will take place on Thursday 16 June 2022 from 10.30am – 12. 30pm at the Union Church and Community Centre (located on Weston Park at the junction with Ferme Park Road N8 9PX). Existing members are encouraged to come from 11.30am and to also ‘bring a friend’ to introduce them to our organisation.

We’re looking for volunteers please to help promote the event and on the day (see Volunteering opportunities below).

More details soon.

Volunteering opportunities

Monthly meetings

We are still looking for one or more volunteers for the roles of:

Speakers organiser – to research and book speakers for our monthly meetings. This role can easily be shared so please do step forward, even if you can only organise speakers for a few meetings or have some ideas for interesting speakers.

Media support – second volunteer to set up the projector, screen, and PowerPoint presentations at the monthly meetings. It is very straightforward and easy to set up and you will get full training.

For both roles, please contact volunteers@cedu3a.org.uk. For more information, see the Volunteer page on our website.

Open Day Thursday 16 June

Our first Open Day for three years will be held on Thursday 16 June. We urgently need the following volunteers:

Publicity distribution coordinator (ASAP) – to organise and coordinate volunteers for publicity distribution and act as the base for leaflet and poster pickup.

Publicity distribution volunteers (from 1 June or before) – to take leaflets to local libraries, community centres, and put temporary posters up in streets/cafes/shops/libraries etc., as well as to make contact with local community groups, churches, etc. to let them know about the event. This is a great way to get out and about, meet people and chat to them about our wonderful u3a.

If you would like to help, please contact volunteers@cedu3a.org.uk as soon as possible and see the Volunteer page on our website.

Interest groups update

Our annual meetings for conveners are due to take place on 5 and 6 May. All conveners have been invited to attend. These are a valuable opportunity for conveners to share and discuss issues, concerns relevant to interest groups. We will be asking Group Conveners to report back to their own groups particularly in respect of progressing issues in relation to their own groups.


Our Latin Group will be celebrating five years in the autumn. Jan Williams, the convener of this joint venture with Islington u3a, has reported that one of their members, David Pritchard, has published an excellent translation of Vergil Aeneid Book VI, one of the works studied by the group. It is currently available as an eBook and will soon be available in Waterstones and other bookshops.

An opportunity to convene a new Art Appreciation Group

Our Art Appreciation groups are very popular and there is sufficient interest to start up a fourth one. You don’t have to be an art expert and we offer support to new conveners and also you would be welcome to attend a couple of the existing group meetings to get some ideas for a new group. If you are interested, please contact the Groups Co-ordinator groups@cedu3a.org.uk.

Drummer required

Our jazz group would like to know if we have any Ringo Starrs out there who would like to join the jazz combo. Contact Graham at vicechair@cedu3a.org.uk who will pass your info on to the group.

New interest groups

Ancient Greek

Some members of the Latin Group have also expressed a desire to learn Ancient Greek. There will be an initial meeting at the All Good Bookshop on Turnpike Lane on Thursday 12 May. More details and to registration details here

Capital Ring Walkers – a new walking group

This new walking group follows the Capital Ring, a 75 mile long route around Inner London. The Capital Ring has been divided into sections of between 7 and 10 miles, with one section being attempted each month. The first walk will start in Woolwich on Tuesday 7 June with subsequent walks usually taking place on the first Tuesday of the month. For more information and to apply follow the link here.


Welcome to the Latin group, which has posted for the first time on our Facebook page! The post included information about the prose and poetry the group is reading and a link to a newly published translation by David Pritchard, mentioned above.

We hope this encourages other groups who have been silent to share insights into their activities, too. Remember, any member of a group can post and if there are no Facebook users in a group, posts can still be shared by emailing them to the administrator at facebook@cedu3a.org.uk.

Items for our next newsletter

Do you have any interesting items to share with our u3a members for the next or future newsletters? Have you climbed any Himalayan peaks, written a short poem, created a memorable painting or sculpture, won an award? You get the idea! Deadline for our next newsletter is 20 May so if you have an item of interest please email Graham at vicechair@cedu3a.org.uk.

National u3a online learning event

Wednesday 11 May 2022, 10.00am

How to reduce your carbon footprint – and your energy bills

Panel discussion with four u3a members explaining first-hand about energy- and cost-saving measures they have made. After their short presentations, there will be an opportunity for participants to ask questions of the panellists who will share information about costs and about savings made to either their carbon footprint, their costs – or both. This should be a very popular and relevant event at a time when many of us are likely to be interested to learn more about how other members have installed or bought energy and carbon saving measures such as investing in solar panels, electric vehicles, heat pumps or buying an electric bike.

More information and booking details here.

u3a SW London Network study day

The Challenges of Architecture Today

The SW London Network of Hammersmith & Fulham, Kingston, Merton, Richmond and Wandsworth u3as invite you to a study day of talks on the competing challenges for architecture between modern day technological and commercial demands and the desire to ensure a sympathetic compatibility with the past. More information here