Bulletin no. 49 (January 2022)


Monthly meeting

Pete Paphides: Broken Greek

We regret that the above talk scheduled for 13 January has been cancelled. We had hoped that it would go ahead online, but Pete has decided that he would rather wait until he can give the talk in person than have a Zoom presentation.

We will let you know when we have a new date. Apologies for the change of plan.

Online talk

Tuesday 25 January 2022, 11.00 a.m. – 12.15 p.m. via Zoom

Brenda Ainsley: The climate crisis and some solutions<

Brenda leads various Eco and Climate Groups for the u3a, including ‘Countdown to COP’ for the online Trust u3a. In November 2021, Brenda led four u3a workshops during the COP Climate Conference in Glasgow, with an emphasis on Intergenerational Climate Action.

Most of our online talks are recorded and available for you to watch at leisure. Please email cedu3a@gmx.com with your membership number, stating which recording(s) you would like, and copies will be sent to you.

Future talks

We will be letting you know early in the New Year what future talks we have planned. With the uncertainty around increases in Covid restrictions, we have been waiting for the Government’s announcement before proceeding with booking speakers either online, in person in the Union Church or both. As of the 27th, you will be aware, there was no increase in restrictions in England, just the continuing emphasis on personal responsibility, mask wearing, social distancing and avoiding contact with others if you have symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has.It may be that when you read this bulletin that has changed again. We hope not! We will be in touch shortly to let you know what is planned over the next few months.Meanwhile we hope you enjoy the climate change talk at the end of January.

Membership renewals

Charles Sharp, our membership secretary, is pleased to report that over 40% of our membership have so far renewed for 2022. We’d like to say thank you to those who have taken the trouble to do so. Our membership renewal period continues to the end of January 2022, so those of you who have not yet renewed have time to do so when it is convenient to you.

If you have sent in a membership cheque, do not be concerned if you haven’t heard from Charles. These letters will arrive over the next couple of weeks when the festivities have ended.

If you have any questions, please contact Charles on membership@cedu3a.org.uk.

Interest groups update

As with our talks we need to be aware of any changes in Covid restrictions and how they may affect groups meeting in person. All conveners have been advised to continue completing Risk Assessment Forms – both for outside activities and for groups meeting indoors and to remind participants prior to meetings. Some groups are now asking participants to confirm they hold a Covid pass or negative LFT. Many external venues have announced new restrictions and conveners have been requested to remind members of these new restrictions and request them to comply. Let’s hope we can resume normal activities during the course of 2022.

New interest group

Felt making for beginners

If anyone is interested in a new beginners’ felt making group starting in the New Year, please contact the Convener via our website here.


It is wonderful to see members’ photographs of group activities on our Facebook page but we must remind you that you should always have permission from anyone in the photographs if you plan to post them online. Please remember that our Facebook group is a public group and some people may not wish their images to be shared widely. Sharing them on WhatsApp could in those cases be a more suitable alternative.

More on the intriguing tree question

Further to the answer to the ‘Intriguing Question’ about the location of the London County Council Jubilee Trees which John Hinshelwood reported in the April Bulletin, he can now add some more information gleaned from the Minutes of the LCC at the London Metropolitan Archives. In July 1938 the LCC Parks Committee suggested that a specimen oak or other hardwood tree might be planted at some 50 suitable parks or open spaces at an estimated cost of £250. The committee was also considering a possible installation of an illuminated playing fountain in one of the council parks. Nothing seems to have come of the idea for a fountain, but in January 1939 the Council confirmed that the trees would be planted at some 50 suitable parks or open spaces. The only two found so far are in Finsbury Park and Hainault Forest Country Park, which leaves 48 still to be found. Can anyone find another one?

Please let John know at – johnhinshelwood@btinternet.com

Would you like to learn about local history?

John Hinshelwood is still looking for people who could help revise and update the Hornsey Historical local history guidance sheets. If you think you could help you would be given a detailed brief explaining the purpose of a selected guidance note and how you could review and update it. Much of the work could be done from home. This would be of great help to the Hornsey Historical Society and you would learn a lot about local history. Please get in touch with John by emailing hornseyhistoricalsurgery@gmail.com or telephoning 07531 866 714.