Bulletin no. 42 (June 2021)


Well, it looks like our patience is finally going to be rewarded and the better weather is here. Mind you, with all the rain, everywhere is looking lush and green, so it’s not all bad. As always, please visit our website for up-to-date information on the easing of Covid restrictions and other news and information. If you click on any of the links in this bulletin you will be directed to the relevant page. Our online talks are continuing through to the end of July. We’re taking a break in August and don’t yet know what the arrangements will be from September onwards – will we be meeting in person, will they continue online, or will it be a combination? Watch this space. Meanwhile, to keep you entertained there will be an online quiz on 6 July, which should be great fun. A big ‘thank you’ to members Stephen Rigg and Carl Parker who are putting it together. See more below. We are tentatively planning two summer parties and hope they will be possible in late July. As soon as we have more information we will let you all know. It is lovely to see more interest groups starting up again. These include short local walks, for which a large number have signed up, but we desperately need co-conveners to enable the walks to happen so please give helping out some serious thought. Finally, some of you may have taken part in the London Region u3a survey on fashion ageism, as part of u3a’s work challenging the perceptions of ageing.Wishing everyone well. Take care and be safe.
Very best wishes
Any queries please email Sally at chair@cedu3a.org.uk.

Online talks

For information and registration details for our online talks please go to Monthly Talks Online.
Tuesday 15 June, 11.00-12.15
Ian Christie: Decadent London was where cinema was born: an online guided tour of the sites
Tuesday 29 June, 11.00-12.15
Vaughan Melzer: My council home and neighbours – 50 years of Chettle Court
Tuesday 13 July, 11.00-12.15
Liz Sich: The lives of Tuscan and Umbrian women during the German occupation of Italy, 1943-1944
Thursday 29 July, 11.00-12.15
Peter Webb: David Hockney: as I have known him

Recorded talks

Most of our online talks are recorded and available for you to watch at leisure. Please email cedu3a@gmx.com with your membership number, stating which recording(s) you would like, and copies will be sent to you.

Quiz night

Gather together a group of friends and set aside the evening of Tuesday 6 July for the CEDu3a online quiz.bThis is going to be a fun night, for members to enjoy each other’s company, perhaps with food and drink making it more convivial, while testing your communal knowledge aiming to become the latest Champions. There will be prizes!bSome members may, for any number of reasons, be unable to gather in a group and so we will be making arrangements for virtual teams to participate to include all members.bLook out for further details, which will appear very soon, on the CEDu3a website.

Interest groups’ update

Further easing of restrictions on 17 May, including the reopening of art and other galleries, museums and historic buildings, enabled more activities to restart or extend their programme. Several sports groups, notably both Badminton groups, have restarted. Groups that prior to lockdown met in members’ homes, pubs and external venues are continuing to discuss future arrangements for meeting after June 21 when, it is anticipated, all restrictions will ease. Meanwhile, many are meeting in larger groups in gardens and, in limited numbers, in cafés. In this period of transition hybrid arrangements – for example, Zoom, WhatsApp used in conjunction with face to face meetings – are enabling members to meet and be involved in determining future arrangements for their groups. Some members have questioned why some groups whose activities involve board/card games – Bridge, Scrabble, Backgammon – are still not meeting. Under current restrictions – social distancing rules and sharing materials – play is still not possible.

New group – Talking Women

A new group to talk about historical and contemporary women who members find interesting, and would like to know more about. Individual members will suggest women to discuss and the group will find out about them and bring their thoughts and opinions to share. We will talk about women who have achieved something significant, or have been active in society, or have been famous, or have done something we find of interest. Some of the discussions will focus on issues that particularly affect women in our society and the impact this can have on their lives. The group will meet on the last Thursday of the month at 2-4pm in Muswell Hill. Find out more here

Anyone else for tennis?

Wanted. Vintage players who have not played for some time but would like to join a not-too-strenuous knock-about. Not suitable for absolute beginners. We are seeking to establish a second Tennis Group which would play at the Priory Park courts on a Monday. If you would like to join this Group or would like further information please contact our Groups Co-ordinator at groups@cedu3a.org.uk.

Co-conveners needed

Table tennis
We have a friendly group of mixed ability players currently playing outdoors in Priory Park but hoping to resume playing indoors. A convener has come forward from the current group but a co-convener is needed to support ongoing arrangements. Please contact the groups’ coordinator to discuss at contact our Groups Co-ordinator at groups@cedu3a.org.uk
Short local walks
We really need members to come forward to lead short local walks and help with the administration by co-convening the Short Local Walks Group. Help and support will be given, and we have walk routes available that you can use. If you can help please email newgroups@cedu3a.org.uk. Once we have co-conveners we will be able to arrange more walks.

Longer Walks Group

The further relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions planned for June has meant the relaunch of the Longer Walks group, with the opportunity for any member of CEDu3a to join. On Monday 7 June, the group will be disbanded and the current register of members cleared. If you would like to join the re-launched Longer Walks group please complete the application form here from Tuesday June 8.

Creative Writing groups

Interested in trying out your creative writing skills? We have the following vacancies:
Writing Group 2, which meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month, 10.30 to 12.30. For more details, go to https://cedu3a.org.uk/interest-groups/creative-writing/
Writing Group 3, which meets monthly on a Wednesday from 11.00. For more details and to get in touch, go to https://cedu3a.org.uk/interest-groups/writing-3/

u3a/Barclays Digital Eagles

In partnership with the Barclays Digital Eagles team, the u3a will be delivering three online sessions to boost u3a members’ confidence online and move forward in the digital world. Some CEDu3a members have found the sessions fairly basic, but still useful.