Bulletin no. 41 (May 2021)


Welcome to our May bulletin. It feels as if we can begin to get excited about further relaxation of restrictions and our interest groups and other activities opening up – together with the warmer weather and longer days, we have reasons to be cheerful.
I want to thank all of you who attended our AGM on Zoom last month. More than 100 members signed in, so being quorate wasn’t a problem. It was so good to be able to complete our necessary business as a charity and we have now submitted our annual return to the Charity Commission as required. The AGM minutes are available here
It looks as if Zoom will be with us for a while yet. I know not all of you are comfortable with or able to use Zoom: please let me know if there is anything we can do to help you with the technical side and I will try to arrange for you to be put in touch with another member who can help. I would also be interested to hear from those of you who don’t use Zoom – knowing why might help us find solutions which will enable your involvement in another way.
As always, be safe and take care.
Very best wishes
Any queries please email Sally at chair@cedu3a.org.uk.

Online talks

If you have suggestions for possible speakers you think will be of interest to our members, please email Sally: chair@cedu3a.org.uk.
Tuesday 11 May 11 am-12.15 pm
Huren Marsh: Reginald Uren’s remarkable journey
Wednesday 26 May, 11.00 am-12.15 pm
Jo Livingston: Living history – there’s a lot of it about
Tuesday 15 June, 11.00 am-12.15 pm
Ian Christie: Decadent London was where cinema was born: an online guided tour of the sites
Tuesday 29 June, 11.00 am-12.15 pm
Vaughan Melzer: My council home and neighbours – 50 years of Chettle Court
Tuesday 13 July, 11.00 am-12.15pm
Liz Sich: The lives of Tuscan and Umbrian women during the German occupation of Italy, 1943-1944

Recorded talks

Most of our online talks are recorded and available for you to watch at leisure. Please email cedu3a@gmx.com with your membership number, stating which recording(s) you would like, and copies will be sent to you. You will find the list of talks that have been recorded here.

Last call for the next newsletter

Our next newsletter, News @ …, is due out in mid-May and this is the very last chance for members to submit contributions. Perhaps you have created something special during lockdown, written a book or a poem, painted a picture, made a sculpture, discovered a new craft, taken some great photographs, or redesigned your garden. Do let us know. And we’d be interested to know – in one sentence – what your thoughts and feelings may be on June 21, the date we could be free of the current restrictions. Please send contributions to news@cedu3a.org.uk by 6 May.

Interest groups update

We’re delighted to report that some outdoor activities have started again. Two of the three walking groups and a new Short Local Walks group are ‘walking again’, with a programme of walks over the coming months. Up to six people are now permitted to meet in gardens, and cafés with outdoor seating. Several other outdoor groups – Tennis, Pétanque and Lawn Bowls – are planning to meet over the summer. Many of our groups continue to meet regularly using Zoom and some have additional meetings outside with up to six people. At our recent conveners’ meetings it was suggested that, while many people were very keen to meet outdoors, others would like to hold on to their Zoom licences: it is likely that hybrid arrangements will continue for some time into the future.
A risk assessment process similar to that used when some activities restarted in 2020 is now required for all face-to-face meetings. This includes a requirement for individual members to answer a personal checklist confirming they are able to join the activity.

Group conveners are planning for the resumption of further activities when the government confirms Step 3 of the Roadmap, not earlier than 17 May.
Short Local Walks

This new group has started walks but cannot currently take any more members. If you are interested in joining, apply on the website: Short local walks and you will be put on a waiting list. We hope that we can accommodate those on the waiting list after 17 May
We really need members to come forward to lead short local walks and help with the administration by co-convening the group. Help and support will be given, and we have walk routes available that you can use. If you can help please email newgroups@cedu3a.org.uk.
Art with Mixed Media
This interest group is restarting on Monday 26 May and there are a couple of places available. For details see cedu3a.org.uk/interest-groups/art-with-mixed-media/
Local History to relaunch
The Local History group has been meeting regularly by Zoom and has been researching the urban development of Hornsey. With the possibility of physical meetings, we would like to relaunch the group in September as the Local and Family History group, given the work we’ve been doing looking at houses and their occupants during the late nineteenth century.
We are exploring venues around Crouch End with wireless internet connection that can accommodate 12 people safely. Once a venue has been identified we will meet once a month – timing will be arranged at the convenience of group members. For more information contact johnhinshelwood@btinternet.com.
Anyone for tennis?
An additional convenor is much needed for the Tennis Group as the group is now oversubscribed with a waiting list and there are enough people to form a second group. Contact Group Organiser Diana Pavey if interested at groups@cedu3a.org.uk.

Virtual coffee morning

The next virtual coffee morning, held via Zoom, will be 11-11.45 am, Monday 10 May. If you would like to have an informal chat with other members register via https://cedu3a.org.uk/coffee-mornings/. To make it possible for everyone to chat numbers are limited to nine.


Many of our members use our Facebook group to post reports and photos of their u3a and other local activities, but to do so they have to be Facebook users and sign up to our page. We recognise that some members do not use Facebook but may still be interested in using the platform to publicise an event or a group’s profile. We have therefore made it possible for you to email Jacqui Osley, the group administrator, with your copy, which will be posted on your behalf. Email facebook@cedu3a.org.uk.


A reminder that the most comprehensive view of Crouch End & District u3a is the website, where you may find, among other features, descriptions of our groups, details of upcoming talks and events organized not only by CEDu3a but also by the National u3a, and its London Region. A vital feature of the site is the Don’t miss … section, which posts daily items of potential interest and brief reports of group activities.
We are particularly indebted to members and conveners who submit regular summaries and images for inclusion in the website, either by email to or via Facebook, and very much welcome further contributions, which may be sent to cedu3a@gmx.com.