For beginners and experienced players alike

The Bridge Group will provide an introduction to the game for those who have never played before and an opportunity for more experienced players to test and develop their skills and share their knowledge with others. The emphasis will be on learning by playing, sharing experience and enjoying a great game. Sessions will last about two hours.

Separate introductory sessions will also be available for those completely new to the game, because it’s difficult for them to join a four at the outset.

For intermediates plus

WHEN: Every other Wednesday, 2.30 p.m. onwards
WHERE: At the Maynard Arms, Park Road
FORTHCOMING SESSIONS : 29th November, 6th December.
A venue has yet to be arranged for the session on 20th December

For beginners

WHEN: Tuesday afternoons, 2.30 p.m. onwards
WHERE: At the Railway Tavern, Crouch End Hill
FORTHCOMING SESSIONS: 28th November, 5th and 19th December

Jayne Forbes and Tony Hetherington

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Dates for forthcoming Bridge Group sessions are:
Tuesdays – 28th November, 5th and 19th of December at the Railway Tavern, Crouch End Hill
Wednesdays – 29th November, 6th December at the Maynard Arms, Park Rd; 20th December at a venue to be arranged