Badminton – fancy a game?
Perhaps you played many years ago, a few years ago or maybe you are still playing now? So why not come and join us?
We play at the Muswell Hill Centre, Hillfield Road, N10 3QJ, at the back of the Marks and Spencer’s car park just off Muswell Hill Broadway
We have the Centre for two hours but you won’t be playing all the time as there is only one court. We play doubles and take it in turns. This activity combines social and physical activity as when you are not playing you can sit, watch and chat on the balcony.
Most of us haven’t played for some time so we are certainly not experts! Come along for the fun and exercise.

☐ Frequency : Weekly
☐ When : Tuesday, 1.30 – 3.30 p.m.
☐ Where : Muswell Hill Centre, Hillfield Park, N10
Group Convener: Mandy Hurford

To join the group please complete the contact form below. This form may also be used to contact the Convener on all matters relating to the Group.

Page checked 4 March 2019