Ancient History

In this group we aim to explore the beginnings of human societies and how the change from hunters/gatherers to settled agricultural communities took place and then affected the development of art and culture. Who were the key actors? What were the roles of women and men? Some historians claim that the change to agriculture was worse for women, but is that true? Often in written history the story of women tends to get missed out as an aspect of life that was ‘normal’ and not worth reporting, while battles led by men are key features. Much more is known these days about ancient cultures because the tools we can use to decipher old scripts or ancient bones are improved. So there is much new knowledge leading to new theories about the developments of societies. All participants are invited to contribute with their own explorations, leading to us all learning from each other.

☐ Frequency : Monthly
☐ When : Wednesday, 2.30 to 4 p.m.
☐ Where: Crouch End
☐ Number of places per meeting : Up to 15
Group Convener: Greta Sykes

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