COVID-19 Advice to Conveners

▷ Latest Government advice
▷ Advice from National u3a
Main points from the National u3a guidance
Consideration must be given to:
  The health of vulnerable people (including those over 70)
  The importance of any Interest Group intending to meet face-to-face to carry out a risk assessment.
  The need to meet any social distancing requirements.
  The need to record attendance at any u3a face-to-face activity for Track and Trace purposes.
Our advice is to apply the broad principles upon which the regulations and guidance are based. These are:
  Government Regulations as set out here
  Guidelines issued by the u3a National Office should be followed.
  Guidelines issued by any National Body, if appropriate to the Group activity, should be considered.
  Risk assessments should be updated as necessary, distributed to all Group members who should complete the personal risk assessment form.
It is important that Conveners are aware that guidance issued by the Government, U3A and National bodies may change at any time.

Supporting documentation

▷ Making a risk assessment

Risk assessment checklists

▷ General U3A Activity Risk Assessment Checklist

Previously referred to as General Outdoor Activity Risk Assessment Checklist.

▷ Personal Members’ Checklist (Pre-Attendance)

August 2021