🟨 The Crouch End & District u3a is committed to take members’ privacy rights seriously. This policy sets out how CEDu3a deals with members’ personal information, that is, information that could identify, or is related to the identity of, an individual. This policy is reviewed on a regular basis by CEDu3a, and should be read in tandem with the CEDu3a Data Protection Policy.
What personal information does CEDu3a collect?

The personal information CEDu3a holds about a member is strictly limited to:

○ name
○ postal address
○ Email address
○ any information volunteered by a member to assist in the activities of CEDu3a, e.g. skills and experience


Photographs are classified as personal data. Where group photographs are being taken members will be asked to step out of shot if they do not wish to be in the photograph. Otherwise consent will be obtained from members in order for photographs to be taken and members will be informed as to where photographs will be displayed. Should a member wish at any time to remove their consent and to have their photograph removed then they should contact CEDu3a to advise that they no longer wish their photograph to be displayed.

How does CEDu3a collect this personal information?

All information collected is obtained directly from members, via application forms to join and subsequent renewals, or via questionnaires sent to members. The documentation requests that members provide consent for their information to be stored and used by CEDu3a, for the purposes of administration and organisation of activities and events. Consent is required in order to ensure compliance with data protection legislation. Group conveners may ask group members for personal information, e.g their phone numbers, so that they can contact each other, e.g when meeting on a trip, or to apologise for not be able to come to a meeting they were intending to.

Where does CEDu3a store personal information?

Membership data is held only on BEACON, an online management system designed to support the operation and administration of individual u3a organisations. Membership data may only be accessed by authorised officers of CEDu3a, for example, the Membership Secretary. Membership data on BEACON is held in encrypted form on a secure commercial hosting system. No photographs of members are held on BEACON. BEACON takes a number of security precautions to protect personal data.

The website of CEDu3a does not publish any personal data, unless specific consent has been granted, for example, the email address of a convener, or the address of the Membership Secretary.

Group Conveners may also personally hold only the email addresses and or telephone numbers, including emergency numbers, of members of their group(s), solely for the purpose of organising their group(s).

How does CEDu3a use members’ personal information?

Personal information is used to:

○ facilitate activities and services to members
○ administer and manage the CEDu3a on behalf of members
○ communicate with members, principally via email, e.g. monthly bulletins
○ develop and improve the provision of activities for members

With whom does CEDu3a share members’ personal data?

For the purposes of administration and development CEDu3a may disclose personal information to its committee members and Group conveners.

CEDu3a does not disclose personal details to any third parties.
If in the future CEDu3a needs to share membership data information outside of the U3A it will seek members’ permission and inform them as to who the information will be shared with and for what purpose.

For how long does CEDu3a keep members’ personal information?

CEDu3a needs to keep members’ information so that services may be provided to them. Members’ data is kept as long as membership is current. Data relating to lapsed members will be deleted after a period of six months, unless there are legal or insurance circumstances that require information to be held for a longer period of time. Where this is the case then the members will be informed as to how long the information will be held for and when it is deleted.

How may members’ personal information be updated?

To ensure that the information that CEDu3a holds is accurate and up to date, members should inform CEDu3a of any changes to their personal information.  Members may do this by contacting the Membership Secretary via

Members wishing to view the information that CEDu3a holds on them may do so by contacting the Membership Secretary via, although there may be circumstances where CEDu3a is not able to comply with this request. This may include circumstances where the information may contain references to other individuals or for legal, investigative or security reasons. Otherwise CEDu3a will usually respond within 14 days of the request being made.

If you have any queries about this policy or have any complaints about CEDu3a privacy practices, please contact us via

Approved 24 September 2021