Membership recruitment

🟨 Notwithstanding buoyant numbers it is CEDu3a’s aim to continue to build our membership base, not least because of demographic pressures (i.e dangers associated with an ageing membership profile) which will have an impact over time

□ ’Word of mouth’ has been effective in bringing our offer to a wider audience, but inevitably there are many potential recruits who have not heard about us. Expanding the diversity of our membership is also key, along with attracting those leaving full-time employment, and this will not be achieved if we rely solely on existing members spreading the word

□ It is therefore our policy to continue to publicise CEDu3a via our website, leaflets and posters, social media (Facebook), local press, occasional paid advertising, and at local festivals and events, as well as at our annual Open Day

□ We welcome new members from across the borough of Haringey, and surrounding boroughs, although at present most activities take place around Crouch End and Muswell Hill.

Approved by the Executive Committee on 12/1/24

To be reviewed before 12/1/27