Event planning for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion


CEDu3a is open to all communities and aims to promote inclusion and participation for the diversity of the retired and semi-retired population of Haringey and surrounding areas. This includes people with disabilities, and people from different racial, religious and ethnic backgrounds, carers, gay, lesbian and transgender members of these communities

❑ CEDu3a intends to be accessible, welcoming and accommodating/comfortable to all. How we communicate the content, date and timing, location and refreshments at the event planning stage can make a difference in the way different people perceive CEDu3a and whether they sign up

A. Location
1) Think about where you are planning to hold events

2) Consider rotating venues, not always Crouch End or Muswell Hill

3) Think Disability

❑ Describe the access and facilities available:
❑ Say what support is routinely available, e.g. loop systems
❑ Encourage people to disclose any requirements so that you can discuss any support you can provide
❑ Are there accessible toilets and parking places at the venue?

4) Ensure there are good public transport links

5) Will people feel safe attending?

6) Seek feedback and ideas from members to promote inclusion

7) Think about partnership events especially with organisations for under-represented groups

B. Publicity
1) Aim for publicity to have a deep reach into community organisations

2) Communicate in good time and follow up to allow for any special arrangements
to be made

C. Multifaith Haringey
Haringey is a multifaith borough with B’hai, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jain, Jewish,
Mormon, Muslim, Rastafarian, Sikh, Wicca, Zoroastraian followers and people of no
faith. Consult a Diversity calendar to promote these differences

D. Catering
1) People may follow particular dietary requirements

2) Communicate what is available; encourage bring your own where appropriate

3) Demonstrate you have thought about different needs. Ensure that:

❑ water is available
❑ hot drinks include a non caffeine/fruit/herbal alternative; milk or milk alternative
such as oat milk
❑ any buffet provides for vegan/vegetarians
❑ you say if you are serving alcohol or meeting in a pub so that people can choose
whether to attend

E. Calendar of events/days of the week
1) There are important events for each protected characteristic and carers. Consult
a diversity calendar. Reflect and integrate these into events and group meetings
where possible

2) Mark events for older people, men and women, people with specific disabilities including mental health, Black History month, Pride, different religions, transgender events, alternative winter festivals as appropriate

3) Be aware of major cultural and religious festivals including Christian festivals so you can celebrate and avoid meeting where appropriate

4) Routine Friday/Saturday meetings may be difficult for some Jews and Muslims and Seventh Day Adventists. Know your members!

Prepared by the Equality, Inclusion and Diversity team – 3 March 2023
Signed off by the Executive Committee – 16 May 2023