Executive Committee 6 August

Summarised actions arising from the Executive Committee (EC) meeting held on 6 August 2021

Executive Processes

The Treasurer reported that expenditure to date is still below that predicted in the budget for this year, due to ongoing social restrictions. As social restrictions had been lifted recently, it’s predicted that expenditure will increase again to planned levels over the coming months.
As of the meeting date there were 752 registered members, of which 49 had joined during 2021.
The annual copyright licence has been renewed, via the Third Age Trust on our behalf.

Interest Groups / Members

Discussions have been taking place with group convenors regarding how individual groups may wish to meet in future. It is noted that those wishing to meet at an external venue in future may have to comply with a venue’s risk assessment requirements.
Revised financial guidance has been approved for sharing with group convenors, including revised set-up and annual running costs for groups.
A new Lawn Bowls 2 group is now meeting. A new Lawn Tennis 2 group and an Irish Interest Group will start to meet in September. Some groups were forming second groups in order to deal with waiting list issues.


It was agreed to hold an Open Day in Spring 2022, rather than during Autumn 2021 as originally planned.
A new publicity leaflet has been designed, reflecting the energy and friendliness of CEDu3a. It will be used whenever required from now on.
Discussions are taking place around holding new member coffee mornings again, now that social restrictions have lifted.