Executive Committee 25 June

Summarised actions arising from the Executive Committee (EC) meeting held on 25th June 2021

Executive Processes

The Treasurer has reported that CEDu3a remains in a strong financial position. Income has totalled £9,388 in the year to date and expenditure during the same period £7,070. Current balances held total £22,344 and reserves of £10,114.

As in previous years it was agreed that any new members joining from 1st July will only pay one-half of the annual membership fee for this year.

It was agreed that the limit on the grants available to individual interest groups should be raised from £50 to £75. It was further agreed to fund publications costs for each of the three writing groups to a total of £225, any proceeds from the sale of which will go to charity.

New publicity materials are being drawn up and the possibility of an Open Day later in the year is being considered. A new member handbook is also being devised.

A Skills Analysis Report was received, following the recent skill audits amongst EC members. Areas where back-up arrangements need to be strengthened were highlighted (e.g. website management).

Interest Groups / Members

Conveners are giving consideration, along with interest group members, to how people will feel confident carrying on group activities once the government’s social restrictions are eased, notionally on 19th July. It’s likely that a mixture of face-to-face and online meetings will result into the longer term.

It was acknowledged that where groups meet in members’ homes, some larger groups may need to split into 2 separate entities to accommodate comfortable distancing, even when restrictions have lifted.

A new group, Talking Women, is being initiated and one entitled Irish Culture is being planned.

A Diversity Workshop has been held for EC members and the understanding gained from that will inform any revised arrangements for recruiting and welcoming new members, publicity materials, gaining feedback from all members and similar areas. Particular emphasis will be placed at an early stage on the ‘new member journey’.


Two summer parties are planned, if social restrictions allow, on 26th July 5-8pm and 3rd August 6.30-9.30pm. The number of guests will be limited to 90 and members cannot attend both. The venue will be Crouch End Cricket Club and booking a place via Eventbrite will be necessary.

An online Quiz Night is being held on 6th July.