Executive Committee 24 September 2021

Summarised actions arising from the Executive Committee (EC) meeting held on 24th September 2021

Executive Processes

The Treasurer reported that expenditure to date is still below that predicted in the budget for this year. It was agreed that an annual subscription of £25.00 (half-year £12.50) should be set for new and existing members in 2022. The annual concession rate will remain £5.00. £35.00 will continue to be the ‘normal’ fee, with this year and next being treated as exceptional.
As of the meeting date there were 778 registered members, of which 70 had joined during 2021. Members who have not signed up to allowing Gift Aid on their subscriptions will be encouraged to do so.

Current Trustees who will complete their 3-year period of tenure to decide whether to stand for re-election or not in 2022 by the end of October 2021, so that nomination papers can be approved at the last EC meeting of this year.
The role description for a second Vice Chair was agreed and expressions of interest invited from Trustees before 29th October.
Revised policies for both Data Protection and Privacy were agreed and will be placed on the website.

Interest Groups / Members

Most interest groups are now operating in some form; some of the groups that used to meet in members’ homes are in transitional mode and seeking potential venues. Some large groups are dividing into smaller groups to address this.
The Film group has ceased to meet and the two Art groups are in abeyance. Both German groups and the Fringe theatre group have ceased to operate and Play Reading 2 has recombined into Play Reading. It is hoped that Theatre Visits may continue in some form.
New groups are Art Appreciation 3 and Healthy Eating lunches (the latter to be provided in 4-week blocks)
The newly adopted risk assessment pro-forma is already in use by some groups, providing reassurance to conveners and members alike.


A new members coffee morning is being organised for 16th November in the Moravian Church Hall. It is hoped to gain feedback on what new members would find the most helpful in terms of getting the most out of CEDu3a for them.