Executive Committee 29 October 2021

Summarised actions arising from the Executive Committee meeting held on 29th October 2021

Executive Processes

The incoming treasurer, Peter Stachniewski, was welcomed to the Executive Committee (EC) and the outgoing Treasurer, Andrew Sich, was warmly thanked for all the time and work he has contributed to CEDu3a in the past. Andrew has agreed to take on the position of second Vice Chair.

A draft budget for 2022 was considered and agreed, with a £25 full annual membership fee for 2022 proposed, along with the current concession rate being maintained and late joiners paying £12.50p.

It was agreed that Membership should be a regular item on the EC agenda from now on. 8 new members had joined in October to date, taking the total membership to 792.

The Chair had been notified that one trustee wished to step down at the next AGM and another has already resigned. Consequently two new trustees will be sought in a nominations process to commence in January 2022, for ratification at the April 2022 AGM.

It was agreed that more help was needed with recruiting and organising volunteers and that a volunteer development person should be sought.

It was agreed that, against the background of the National u3a 40th anniversary ‘Plant a tree’ programme, CEDu3a should offer to fund a tree being planted in Alexandra Palace Park and the Chair there will be contacted regarding this offer.

The Groups Team has been restructured and Graham Bennett is stepping down as New Groups Coordinator. He was warmly thanked for his work in that role.

Interest Groups / Members

Conveners have been updating their pages on the website, with the majority having completed revisions to date. Opera and Foreign Films groups are currently inactive and We’re Talking Travel is taking a break. Two new groups, Healthy Eating and Yoga, have been set up and are already oversubscribed.

A draft New Members Handbook was considered and well received. Final changes will be made before it is printed and circulated.

Consideration was given to purchasing a mobile wifi hub for use a meeting venues where the existing wifi was not powerful enough. Efficacy to be tested before any purchase is made.

Members will be contacted at the beginning of December to remind them that their membership will expire at the end of the month and to set out how to renew their membership for 2022.


A new members’ coffee morning was being organised for 16th November in the Moravian Church Hall and the 160 new members who had joined CEDu3a since November 2019 had been invited. So far approximately 23 had accepted the invitation. Detailed plans for managing the event were discussed. Note that since this meeting a decision has been taken to postpone the coffee morning until early 2022, as a precaution in light of the current covid situation.

An online talk has been organised for November and an in-person talk at Union Church for December. A volunteer to organise regular online and in-person talks is being sought.