▷ Walking with dinosaurs


Once again we were lucky with a beautiful day with plenty of sun and warmth for our Middle Way Bayford Circular walk. We walked through the peaceful woodland of Highfield Wood and Hoddesdon Park Wood enjoying the incredible tranquillity offered to us and we were met by very few others, We did, admittedly, encounter a great deal of mud and puddles which were not unexpected due to the rather heavy rain over the weekend. We only had one gentle fall in the mud, thankfully with no injuries. We stopped for our picnic with logs a plenty for sitting and then continued through the woods until

we passed the rather hard to miss dinosaurs of Paradise Wildlife Park. We enjoyed their frightening calls and movements before continuing on through Bencroft Wood and into Broxbourne Wood. We walked a small section of the sculpture path, although one amongst us decided to wander along the rest of the path while the rest of us patiently waited. We were all reunited, continued through and alongside the Wood before returning to the station after yet another lovely walk with lively conversation.

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