★ New Group : Felt Making for Beginners

Felt making is the fascinating art of creating textiles using wool, water and soap. Projects covered include flat felting for pictures, cards, book covers and wall hangings, jewellery, 3d felting for bowls and bags and nuno felting for scarves and collars. Felt making is highly addictive and after a while participants gain the confidence to develop their own projects using the wide range of materials available.
  A beginners’ group will be launched at the beginning of October. The Convener is able to host a maximum of four people in her home workshop and will arrange regular monthly sessions for two terms, following a specific programme covering various felt making techniques and gradually increasing the level of difficulty of the projects tackled. If you wish to join this group, you will need to be able to commit to regular attendance.

  Group Convener : Jacqui Osley

The Group will run on Wednesday mornings between 10.30 a.m – 12.30 p.m.at a house in central Crouch End from the beginning of October

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