▷ Park life captured

The Photography and Photographers Group, inspired by top fashion and portrait photographer Rankin’s recent TV series The Great British Photographers Challenge, set off around Hyde Park to replicate one of the challenges of the show. This was to capture photographs on a theme, using only with cameraphones, in just one hour – the theme being ‘Parklife’.
At the end of the challenge the group met back up for refreshments and general hilarity at the wonderful Zaha Hadid designed café next to the Serpentine North gallery, where the group had also earlier visited the exhibition of Ghanaian photographer James Barnor.


Members then had to pick three of their best shots to be shared later when they met up to view the results. Flora and Fauna figured prominently, an obliging heron posing gracefully, and a very fine couple of horsemen.
The Group’s next photographic theme is Buildings and Architecture – but with a month to get some great images, not just an hour! The Group has places available, so if you are a keen photographer and also interested in studying the great photographers of our and previous ages, do apply here.

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