▷ Eileen Agar at Whitechapel

Fifteen members of the Exhibitions & Galleries Group ventured to the wonderful Whitechapel Gallery to see the Eileen Agar – Angel of Anarchy exhibition. We enjoyed and were inspired by a trail blazing artist ahead of her time in so many ways – challenging gender stereotypes and refusing to be anybody’s passive muse. Agar brought ideas from Cubism and Surrealism to England in the decade before the Second World War and continued creative experimentation for over seven decades, influencing later artists in ways that have yet to be acknowledged. Whitechapel Gallery is celebrating it’s 120th birthday this year. Art and political activism have long been connected in this part of London and Picasso’s Guernica was shown at the Gallery in 1939 on it’s tour to raise awareness and funds for the Anti Fascist forces in the Spanish Civil War. It’s a beautiful building, dripping in history and the coffee is really good too!

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