▷ Lea Valley walk

The Middle Way Walkers Group has completed the sixth section of the Lea Valley. Leaving the station at Harpenden Station we followed residential streets, until we reached our last ending point at the gate to Batford Springs Nature Reserve. As we turned into the reserve we immediately had the River Lea to our right and horses grazing beyond in an open field. Those who looked up also saw some red kites flying. As we continued along the river we came upon some
stepping stones which some of us lightly and deftly stepped upon to cross the river, while others took the long way around. We were met by a brook, a number of weirs and adults and children paddling and playing in the shallow water. After leaving the reserve, we walked through a field and soon reached the shady portion of the path along a disused railway path with distant views of the River Lea to our right, trees all around and, for a lucky few, some lovely goldfinches. After passing a pub with a sign supposedly inspired by Laughing Cow Cheese we soon reached our slight detour to East Hyde. We sat in the grounds of a beautiful distinctive Greek Orthodox Church enjoying our lunches and warm temperatures. After relaxing, we once again returned to our peaceful path, soiled only by the sewage works plant, but it was only a slight disturbance. The path then ran gently uphill until we caught a quick view of Luton Hoo in the wooded distance. At the top of the hill we enjoyed the great silhouettes of Eric Morecambe, Capability Brown, who landscaped Luton Hoo and a scout. After enjoying the views and a refreshing cold drink, we returned to our path and quickly found ourselves at Luton Parkway Station for our way home.

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